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Benefits of Meditation

It appears that the benefits of meditation—biological and emotional—pass to a child in the womb through the pregnant woman’s bloodstream.

A study by the Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation in India found that a daily yoga and meditation practice during pregnancy seems to improve birth weight, reduce premature births, and lessen overall medical complications for newborns.

Here’s an overview of what women transmit to their unborn children through meditation.

1. Reduced Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety suppresses the body’s health functioning, especially in terms of the immune system. Anxiety and stress are common accompaniments to pregnancy, with definite side effects. 

Anxiety during pregnancy may:

  • Lead to low birth weight;
  • Increase the complications of labor;
  • Increase the risk for miscarriage,
  • Increase the risk of birth defects;
  • Lead to premature delivery;
  • Increase use of prescription medications;
  • Make pain worse during labor; and
  • Stress family members.

Meditation is a safe way to reduce anxiety and restore the normal functioning of the immune system during pregnancy and childbirth. Anxiety also reduces pain tolerance. Meditation not only increases tolerance of discomfort by reducing stress hormones, it also helps the body produce endorphins, which go beyond relieving pain and discomfort all the way to enhancing pleasure.

2. More Endorphins

Endorphins have a powerful pain-relieving and pleasure-enhancing effect. As discomfort is maybe part of the labour experience, excessive release of endorphins also help to eliminate the feeling of discomfort (as they block the transmission of chemical messengers in the neuropathways that normally cause and let us experience pain). The more a woman meditates during pregnancy the higher her endorphin level will be during birth.

3. Enhanced DHEA

DHEA is a hormone with many life-enhancing benefits. 


  • Enhances the immune system;
  • Defends against certain diseases;
  • Enhances vitality and youthfulness;
  • Reduces stress and anxiety;
  • Improves mood;
  • Balances brain chemistry;
  • Benefits vision, hearing, muscles, and bones; and
  • Regulates blood pressure.

Since meditation elevates levels of DHEA in the body, a pregnant woman who meditates presents her child in the womb with all the vital benefits of this hormone.

4. Increased Melatonin

Melatonin is well known to boost the immune system and overall health. It has a calming effect, improving mood and enhancing contentment and a sense of wellbeing. Research at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center confirmed that meditation heightens levels of melatonin. This means mother and baby grow calmer and happier through meditation.

5. Better Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

Meditation reduces heart rate and blood pressure, in turn lowering the risk of pre-clampsia and pre-term damage to the brain.

6. Less Caesarian Section and Epidural Anesthesia

Meditation can reduce the need for surgery, drugs, and anesthesia during birth. Research shows that among pregnant meditators the rate of caesarean section surgery went down by 56% and the use of epidural anesthesia went down by 85%.

7. Enhanced Connection between Mother and Child

Our specialized meditation will help you to feel more connected to your baby while he/ she is still in the womb. 

When a woman’s mind becomes calmer and more focused, she can concentrate on her baby in her womb, helping her bond with the baby. You can experience your baby moving more gently as it is responding to your intention and energy.

Most mothers are happy to enhance the experience of their baby while they are still in the womb. They are happy to bond and connect with them on a different level going beyond what’s know and proven.

Baby’s are very intuitive and react directly to the feelings, emotions and energies of the mother.

Train yourself to be in the best energy possible to ensure a happy and healthy baby as well as improving the quality of your pregnancy and empowering you to have the most amazing birth experience for yourself and your baby.

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Science backing up meditation

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