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Your first trimester

1. Arrange your fixt appointment with your midwife.
    Midwives are paid through Alberta Health Care, but it is important that you arrange it early.
2. Take a daily folic acid Supplement
    Folic Acid is an essential nutrient that protects your baby against brain and spinal cord problems.

3. Check before taking medicine
    They maybe harmful to your baby

4. If you smoke, quit.
    Apart from the dangers to yourself, you are more at risk of miscarriage or birth defects.

5. Cut out alcohol
    Alcohol can harm your baby.

6. Cut down on caffeine
    Limit yourself to 200 mg a day, that is one cup of brewed coffee.

7. Avoid green tea
    Green tea is very detoxing and can flush out access of toxins harming the baby.

8. What to eat and what not to eat
     Follow your intuition on healthy nutrition and what your baby needs. This can change from baby to baby.

9. Get relief from pregnancy sickness
    Work out which foods suit you and which ones to avoid. Listen to your intuition what eases your nausea. This can be crackers, 
     popsicles, sparkling water or apples. 

10. Listen to the signs
     Light cramps can be normal, as your uterus changes. But if you have bleeding, seek medical attention (fresh, red blood is
     concerning). Your GP, midwife or hospital's early pregnancy unit (EPU) can help you.

11. Get as much rest as you can.
     It's normal to feel tired, weak or exhausted as your body is getting used to all the changes and hormonal adjustments.

12. Get ready to see your baby.
      Your first ultrasound treatment is normally around 12 - 14 weeks.

13. Decide when and how to announce your pregnancy.
      In the second trimester you will not be able to hide your tummy much longer, so think about how you want to share it.

14. Do gentle exercises.
      Start with gentle and regular exercises. That also helps to control your weight gain during your pregnancy.

15. Do chores safely
      Be cautious when doing house work and using chemicals.

16. Start doing pelvic floor exercises.
     Especially if you are not very sportive in general. Your midwife can help you with that. It also helps to prevent urine leaks.

17. Book your pre-natal classes
      Some HypnoBirthing┬« and other birth preparation classes book up early. So ensure your spot.

18. Get your partner involved.
      Some of the early signs of pregnancy remind you daily, but get your partner involved too.

19. Buy a maternity bra.
      Your breasts are changing. Treat them with the best support possible.

20. Have sex if you are in the mood.
      It's absolutely safe!

21. Have a massage or facial
      It helps you to relax and relieve tension.

22. Budget for your baby
      Think about how you handle the costs of having a baby. See if you can find some pre-owned items.

23. Follow your baby's development.
      Find out online how your baby is developing. Maybe download an app to your phone. Talk to your midwife about the changes.

24. Write a dream journal
       Dreams can be really vivid and extraordinary during pregnancy (due to the massive hormonal changes). Some can be extremely 
       spiritual or messages from your baby. By writing them down you will later be able to distinguish between the "real messages or 
       premonitions" or just dreams.

25. Bond with your bump
      Your baby can physically hear you from week 20 onwards (so the medical society says) but is energetically connected with you way
       earlier than that. Come to our "Bond with your Bump" classes at the center and see all the wonderful ways of
     "experiencing" your baby energetically, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

26. Join our Baby Birth Club or Mommy Community Cafe
      In our bi-weekly groups you will find a lot of help, tricks and support during your pregnancy and as new mother.