Welcome to Planet Birth

Center for Birth Empowerment, Alternative Healing & Wellness

About the Center

We are a team of dedicated alternative healing therapists and birth specialists that help you to feel truly empowered with 

the planning of your pregnancy, pregnancy and motherhood.

We are here to help you to have the most spiritual experience, as nature intended it to be.

Furthermore we can help you to release any pain, suffering and hurt from past births, including your own. So you can be re-born and be the most amazing person, so you can live up to your Highest Potential.

About Us

My name is Claudia Gittens, I'm a passionate mother of  2 boys and wife of the most amazing husband in this world.

I came to healing after a journey of hurt and misfortune. And since then EVERYTHING in my life has changed. I'm very thankful for the guidance of the universe and all the wonderful experiences it brought since then.

I'm trained in many different alternative healing methods that cover a very wide variety of concerns and I would love to share all this knowledge, feelings of empowerment and light with you.

Please come to Planet Birth so I can show you who YOU truly can be.

Therapies offered: Theta Healing® Technique, HypnoBirthing® Child Birth Education, Hypnotherapy, Fear & Phobia Management, Pain Management, Allergy Management, Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, Past Life Regression & Therapy, Counselling, Energy Healing, Karmic Release & Resolution, Higher Self Therapy, DNA Activation, Energy Grid Activation, Crystal Layout & Viewing, Aromatherapy Readings & Healings, Angel Readings & Healings, Mediumship, Mentorship, Animal Communication, Plant Communication, Spa Services, Singing Bowl Massage & Healing, Lomi Lomi Massage.

My name is Robert Gittens.

I have a special connection to animals and they truly understand me. I'm specialized in Animal Healing and Animal Behavioural Adjustments.

I use Theta Healing® techniques as well as my natural born gifts in communication with the Creator, the Source of All That Is and the spirit world, as well as my clients (humans & animals). I'm gifted with the knowing of what is  missing in the person or the animal to return the individual to his/ her own health and natural happiness.

"This life is a journey between your past life and your future life. Enjoy the journey!"

Nataliya is our RMT and has completed her 2200 hour Diploma in Massage at College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

She believes that power of touch makes all the difference in healing body and mind.

Nataliya uses comforting, engaged and intuitive touch to provide her clients with supportive therapeutic experience that allows them to relax, feel refreshed and rejuvenated. She likes to combine elements of Swedish (Relaxation) Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Cupping, Hot Stones, Guasha and Acupressure to tailor treatment to each individual needs.

Nataliya also has a special place in her heart for pregnant women. And offers pregnancy massages to relieve pregnancy discomforts and uses bolster cushioning system to allow women to have front lying massages.

Nataliya has a background working in healthcare as a Registered Nurse (Labour and Delivery) and a Midwife.


My name is Audrey Ford-Lecorps.

I am a firm believer in treating the body as whole entity. I have been practising CranioSacral Therapy for 6 years and I have completed CranioSacral Level 1 through Advanced CranioSacral.

I am a certified Reflexologist and have been practicing it for 8 years. I am also continuing my training in the Healing from the Core curriculum and Spring Forest Qigong. Every client I work with is a gift, and I learn so much from them. It is truly an honour and a privilege for me to hold space for my clients as they heal. 

I'm also offering the Raindrop Therapy for transformation through Essential Oils and Massage.

I bring an integrated, balanced therapist to the table with many tools in my toolbox. I look forward to working with my clients to empower them to heal themselves.

Therapies offered: Cranial Sacral Therapy, Reflexology, Raindrop Technique, Qi Gong

Mother of 4 water born daughters and space holder for many other women, Sian Pilkington's personal and professional life revolves around the nurturing the divine feminine in all.

Experienced Birth Doula , Sacred Pregnancy Instructor, Placenta Encapsulator, Mother Roaster, Bengkung Belly Bind artist, ceremony and retreat facilitator and energy healer (Reiki Level II), she brings an intuitive touch, a layers-deep passion, a keen eye and a mind full of knowledge to her practice as a holistic birth worker.

Utilizing the plant wisdom of herbs, flower essences and essential oils and gathering greatness from mentors and peers, Sian is a collection of ancient practices rolled into one person.

She is excited to be offering Reiki sessions as well as Doula and birth services to the women of our community.

My name is Geraldine Smyth and my maternal Grandmother started teaching me how to read tea leaves when I was 6 yrs old, back in Ireland.

I didn't practice it as a teen or young adult but I felt called to do it again several years ago. 

I read for friends and colleagues, until one day I went to see a Medium and she advised me that I needed to offer the service professionally. After much encouragement from her I started to offer this wonderful technique to the public.

I would love to offer this service to you to help you making the most empowering decisions.

Tammy Robertson is a natural born Intuitive and Empath, Reader and Healer that works closely with Pets and People here on Earth and in Heaven. 

Clear connection with the Angels and synchronicities of numbers also accompanied her understanding which guided her to actively seek more spiritual growth by the way of spiritual literature and learning. Spirits shared communication and showed themselves in a very prevalent way. 

Tammy took it upon herself to grow her spiritual knowledge and increase her awareness by way of Healing Modalities and Training. 

She is a certified Usui Reiki Master / Healer and Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner, amongst other modalities.

Therapies offered: ThetaHealing® Technique, Lomi Lomi Body Alignment, Reiki, 

As a holistic practitioner Janice has trainings in NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), energy, sound and vibrational healing, Reiki II, and is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.  Within all her health, healing and wellness trainings, Janice values Emotional Freedom Techniques most highly for its rapid and profound release and healing effectiveness with clients.  

Since 2003 Janice has been using and teaching EFT.  Janice attended four major training events with Gary Craig and was invited to be part of an EFT Masters training program.  

Janice’s EFT studies began in 2002 with the original 100's of hours of training, the ongoing EFT training series, the Art of Delivery, and EFT conferences/workshops presented by various teachers which supports Janice’s ability to offer well rounded EFT Certifications.   

Even after 13 years as an EFT Practitioner and Trainer, Janice remains excited about EFT and the rewards it brings clients.

My name is Candis Loomans and natural health was a part of my life since I can remember, about 12 years ago I decided it was my passion, my career and my life.

I started with Reflexology then received my Certified Holistic Health Practitioner diploma in 2006. 

From there I studied Colon Hydrotherapy, Hot Stone Massage, Ear Candling, Thai Massage, Reiki (Master), BodyTalk and Mindscape.

I love sharing the knowledge I have with others so they can take control of their own health. If you are looking to make some changes but not quite sure what you need, I would love to chat and find what would work best for you. 

Therapies offered:  Reflexology, Energy Medicine/ Reiki, Oriental Bodywork (Shiatsu/ Acupressure/ Thai), Relaxation Massage,  Ear Candling, Holistic Consultations (nutrition, chakras/ energy levels, physical ailments, finding the tools that work for you to decrease stress)