Welcome to Planet Birth

Center for Birth Empowerment, Alternative Healing & Wellness

Planet Birth is about gentle, natural empowered and beautiful childbirth, 

parenting and self-discovery.

To give you the most most spiritual experience.

As nature intended it to be.....

Because: "Peace on earth starts with our birth."


We offer wonderful classes, sessions and meditative processes to bring you back to your natural birthing abilities 

and closer to your Highest Potential and Godself.



"The quality of life is defined by the quality of our birth into this world."

Give your child the possibility to be birthed into this world with love, ease and grace.

Come to Planet Birth to learn how.

"Create the birth you deserve."


The information on this website contains personal experiences thoughts, feelings and opinions about birth.

Nothing is medically proven or tested. 

Whatever resonates will be the part that you accept and the part that doesn't, this is where you find your own answers.



Please contact us at [email protected] for further details.

We are looking forward to hear from you.

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