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Personal Sessions for birthing

If you are afraid of giving birth or if you have heard horror stories from so called friends and people around you, you will most likely set yourself up for a similar experience.

Do not let them interfere in your divine birthing abilities that you have been giving from the Source and Creator.

Trust your skills and abilities, trust the knowledge of your DNA and the information it carries from thousands of years of natural child birthing.

If you feel you want to let go of limiting beliefs, blocks and programs that you might carry form this life, from your ancestors or from group consciousness we recommend a personal healing session to remove these and to help you to find back to your inner peace and trust. We will cut cords with all the people that are tying you down or hinder you from having a beautiful birthing experience. We will do forgiveness work and karma release.

Birth counseling

We discuss your birth plan, wishes and fears about birth.

We will remove limiting beliefs and work through guided imagery on your preferred birth experience.

We will put you in a deep trance like state to program your subconscious mind to support you in the most empowering way.

60 minutes        $   125.00 

90 minutes        $   165.00

Birth Fear Release

We will work on your deepest fears that you have been told or taught within this life time.

But we will also work on beliefs about birth that you have inherited from your female anchestors.

We will release you from all the negative experiences that the generations before you have gone through and empower you to have a new and wonderful birth experience.

We will release any karma that you might carry and also work in past lives if necessary.

60 minutes        $   125.00 

90 minutes        $   165.00

Aromatherapy Healing & Clearing

We will work on your most concerning issue in regards to birthing incorporating the help of powerful and strong Aromatherapy Oils from Young Living® and doTERRA®.

You will intuitively choose the oils and we will let the oils guide us through the healing process.

We will focus on clearing all chakras and energy bodies as well as remove blocks and pain through focused and guided meditation.

You will leave empowered, refreshed and absolutely relaxed.

This is an amazing experience not to be missed!

60 minutes        $   125.00 

Karma Release for Birthing

Some of our issues or problems that we have within this life time are not our fault. They are based on karma. 

Karma that we have either chosen to release this time or karma that we have inherited from our female ancestors.

These kind of obligations are responsible for keeping us from having the beautiful birthing experience that we wish to have.

Instead we carry their pain and suffering, continuing on within our own life.

Through the spirit world we have the chance to release these bondages, making us free. Free to create a new experience

according to our free will without interference of old energies.

60 minutes        $   125.00 

Past Life Regression for Birthing

Within this session we will explore memories of past lives and incarnations that have traumatized and influence you the most.

We will work on deep unconscious parts of your mind in regards to the whole process of birthing. 

Past Life Regressions is particularly valuable when dealing with issues that have no “rational” cause.

So if you have a “feeling” that there is no outward cause for the fear or problem you have with your upcoming birth but rather the feeling that “there is just something I don’t understand” than regression is particularly helpful in finding these really deep root causes and release them.

We will release all related issues through Hypnotherapy, energetic clearing and healing.

90 minutes        $   145.00 

Other Personal Healing Sessions

We have a wide range of alternative healing and wellness sessions for you available.

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Please book your appointment by emailing [email protected] or calling 587-580-5854.

Personal sessions are done either in person at our Planet Birth Center in Airdrie, Alberta, over the phone or over Skype.

All individual therapy sessions involve integrated healing on the mental, emotional, energy, and physical level, they do not replace the care or diagnosis of a doctor, but rather increase your inherent self-healing abilities.. The sessions take between 60 - 90 minutes, depending on the issue we work on. The amount of sessions that have to be conducted is depending on the situation and state of development and understanding.