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Birth Journey Classes

If you are at the end of your pregnancy and want a special place for you and your partner to connect to discuss important birthing topics as you dance, run or confidently walk through your Rite of Passage from Maiden to Mother…

Then you NEED Sacred Pregnancy BIRTH Journey classes! 

Birth is a unique and special time for every woman, no matter HOW or WHERE it happens and each birth should be looked at as the Most Sacred Time in a woman’s life. Only GOOD can come from a peaceful, empowered birth experience, both for the mother and the baby. 

You will also gain CRITICAL information about postpartum care and Mother Roasting!

The 4 week Birth Journey Class

This courses are for pregnant couples and explore the following topics:

Week ONE: standing at the edge Discuss what is happening to your birthing body + visualizations
Partner Project : create personal visualization + beauty way birth plan + mall mantras

Week TWO: surrender PRACTICE pushing into the surges and not contracting away + TRUST + surge strategies + the power of smell + song
Partner Project : power stones + choose a birth song

Week THREE: birth Birth talk / when will I know I am in labor, technical talk, + education!
Partner Project : LOVE labor method + deep voice toning

Week FOUR: rite of passage Discuss rite of passage + mother roasting + mother wisdom
Partner Project : learn to make an herbal sitz bath + crossing the threshold from maiden to mother + community stone

Duration: 2 hours for each session

Price: CAD $ 250 (per couple)

This wonderful class is performed by our Doula Sian Marie Pilkington.

See our calendar for our new class dates.