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Your second trimester

1. Find out about your second trimester appointments.

   Your midwife or GP will inform you which appointments are necessary and which ones are optional.

2. Decide if you want to find out the sex of the baby.

    Boy, girl or big surprise. You decide....

3. Avoid unnecessary and excessive ultrasound appointments.

    Even though they are considered save, from an energetic point of view most babies don't like them. It creates a "loud" sound within

    their amniotic sac making them feel like a jet just started beside them. It also creates a lot of energy which will be amplified by the 

    fluid and feel like "heat" to them, making them really uncomfortable. If you have an ultrasound treatment make sure to "clear" your

    baby of this excessive energy energetically!

4. Choose a birth mate

    It is extremely important to have a birth mate that you fully trust that will help you through the classes, preparation and birthing


5. Keep track of your weight gain.

    It is perfectly normal to gain weight during pregnancy. 

6. Continue to exercise.

    Find exercises that are right for you and keep you flexible. It will help you during the birthing process.

7. Drink plenty of water.

    It is essential to stay hydrated. Especially because a lot of the water you consume will be used to build and renew the amniotic fluid.

    It also helps to carry essential nutrients to your baby.

8. Go on a last-minute holiday.

    Treat yourself to one last holiday. 

9. Narrow down your baby name choices.

     Make a list of 5-10 names that you like and have your partner to the same. Swap lists and each cross out one that you don't love. Keep

     taking turns until you have a name that you both like. Make sure to keep in mind that babies grow up and some names don't sound

     that cute on a 16 or 36 year old one anymore.

10. Start shopping for maternity clothes.

      If you have not done so already this is the time to pick some comfortable but also fashionable clothes for yourself. Keep your budget 

      in mind, but also, that you want to feel pretty and sexy while you are proudly having your bump. Most clothes can easily be sold

      online later on.

11. Start your child care search.

      Depending on how long you can take off from work start looking for child care, a nanny or a babysitter for your angel. Even though

      it still seems like a long way, waiting lists are sometimes long and the "perfect" person sometimes a challenge to find.

12. Prepare your toddler for a new sibling

      Start talking about the new baby and if you have decided on a name use the name as often as possible. Kids are very intuitive, no 

      matter how young they are. They know that something will change. Also tell your toddler often that he/ she is very important and

      plays a big part in the new family as well. This helps to avoid jealousy and envy.

13. Avoid dentist appointments.

       All invasive treatments, even if it is very little have a big effect on your baby. However make sure to take good care of your teeth

       and brush them often during your pregnancy. Use alkaline supplements or gurgle with salt water to make your mouth alkaline. 

      This will help to prevent bleeding of gums or plaque build up.

14. Celebrate your halfway point.

      Pregnancy is such an amazing and wonderful time and often we don't take enough time to celebrate this wonderful time. At 20

      weeks you are just starting to enjoy your bump, enjoy the time as often it is over too soon. Treat yourself to a wellness

     treatment or come to the center to celebrate your halfway point with one of our beautiful mommy ceremonies.

15. Start sleeping on your side.

      As your bump grows it's recommended for you to sleep on your side. Maybe get a side sleeper pillow or wedge from our

     store to help you get really comfortable.

16. Share your dream journal with your partner

      Now that your sleep patterns are probably changing (as your body "practices" to get up at night) and your sleep may be a little more

      "interrupted" you maybe experience a change in dreams again. See if your partner maybe has any of these experiences too.

17. Pick a save place for your baby to sleep

      We recommend co-sleeping at least for the first couple of months. This helps EXTREMELY with bonding with your baby, not just

       for you, but also for your partner. We have beautiful co-sleeping pillows for babies 0 - 6 months in our store that ensure

       that your little angel is save at all times.

18. Ask friends and family for unwanted baby items

      There is always a friend that doesn't need their baby clothes, cribs or strollers anymore. Don't be shy to ask and help out, once you

      don't need them anymore. Come to our store and help yourself at our "Baby Clothes Donation Box" if you can't

    afford clothes for your little angel.

19. Plan your maternity leave.

      Find out how long your maternity leave is and speak to your employer early if you want a few additional weeks off. Ask your 

      partner to do the same, maybe you can get more than you think. Make your employer understand how important bonding time at 

      the beginning is and how much you are willing to do for getting it. Maybe you can even bring your baby to work! (some employers

      get really flexible with that within the first 6 months - and then you can take your maternity leave after that. This gives you more 

      time together with your angel.).

20. Dress according to "your" temperature.

      No matter what the thermometer says. Some days you might feel very hot, some days you are freezing. Go with the flow and take 

      each day as it comes. 

21. Avoid unsafe sports.

       Stay away from sports like horseback riding, skiing, ice skating, gymnastics and waterskiing. Also ball sports like soccer, tennis or

      squash are risky as you can get hit in the tummy. Swimming however is wonderful and very relaxing for you as well as the baby (as

      your buoyancy releases endorphins which the baby will also enjoy). Maybe see if you can get into  a Pre-natal Yoga class which is

      great for stretching as well as relaxation.

22. Spend time with your partner

      In the time where everything is about your baby it is very important to also spend some time with your partner and "feed" your

      relationship. Come to our Soulmate Seminar to find out how you can bring yourself and your partner closer together

     in this time of change.

23. Follow your baby's development

      Find out online how your baby is developing. Maybe download an app to your phone. Talk to your midwife about the changes.

24. Massage your bump

       Apply oils to your tummy at least once a day to allow the skin to stretch easily and avoid any stretch mark trophies. Come to our
     store, we have specifically mixed oils to nourish your skin as well as energetically charged them with positive

25. Bond with your bump
      Your baby can physically hear you from week 20 onwards (so the medical society says) but is energetically connected with you way
       earlier than that. Come to our "Bond with your Bump" classes at the center and see all the wonderful ways of
     "experiencing" your baby energetically, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

26. Join our Baby Birth Club or Mommy Community Cafe
      In our bi-weekly groups you will find a lot of help, tricks and support during your pregnancy and as new mother.