Welcome to Planet Birth

Center for Birth Empowerment, Alternative Healing & Wellness

Treatment Room Rental for Therapists

We have 4 beautiful treatment rooms (3 of them with a sink) for individual sessions for therapists of all modalities or areas, like Massage, Acupuncture, Healing of all kinds, Doulas, Counsellors, Nutritionits or Coaches available.

All treatment rooms are fully equipped or can be emptied if you want to bring your own equipment.

We are offering these rooms for rent on very flexible terms and hope to be of tremendous help to get you going.

You can have a treatment room either for a fixed ½ day or day (or 2 or 3) a week/ a month. Or you can have the room sporadically whenever you have an appointment with a client – no obligations. And all that WITHOUT a fixed monthly commitment!

There is no member ship necessary and no additional or hidden costs.

You pay only for the time you use the room. We have very flexible options available and our prices are very reasonable.

We offer you the possibility to use a professional environment to boost the amount of your appointments.

We also have weekly & monthly options available for the ones that are ready to commit themselves to a full time healer occupation.

If you are ready to take your abilities to the next level we are happy to offer you a beautiful & professional space to do so.

Class & Workshop Space Rental for Presenters

You are interested in teaching your abilities and knowledge to others?

You are a teacher of a healing modality?

You have wonderful information and experience on a variety of topics that are worth sharing?

We have the space available for you to share your gifts and knowledge.

We have 2 options of class room settings we can offer you for your workshops or seminars:

Meditation area – 120 sq ft. (8 x 15 ft.)

Equipped with mats and seat cushions. Can be used for small group sessions, workshops and healing classes taught on the floor.

For up to 8 people or trainings with 2 massage beds

Class Room (converted entrance area) – 240 sq ft. (12 x 20 ft.)

Equipped with fold up chairs or seat cushions. Can be used for group sessions, workshops and healing classes, taught on the floor, sitting on chairs or standing up. (Participants have to bring their own Yoga mats). For up to 16 people or trainings with 3 massage beds

You are interested in offering 1 on 1 training?

We are more than happy to provide you with one of our individual sessions rooms for your specific training needs.

Additional Features

All treatment room and class room rental include the following:

  • Coffee, tea, water, candies, toiletries and cleaning material
  • High speed internet access for the presenter(s)
  • Wireless internet for the participants
  • Ability to broadcast the the seminar on the internet (webinar options)
  • High quality webcam
  • Ability to receive webinars from presenters from out of town
  • Skype account to connect with remote presenters via audio/ video
  • Webinar account to create online seminars/ webinars up to 100 participants
  • Ability to record the webinar and the provide attendees with a recording for up to 3 months (for participant that cannot attend live)
  • Multi Media Playback
  • Printer to hand out handbooks or notes (additional charge)

Flyer Wall Advertisement

We also feature a flyer wall where you can rent a slot to advertise your modalities and services through flyers and business cards. 

This is an easy and amazing way of displaying yourself and reaching clients.

There is NO obligation to have your sessions at the Planet Birth center. You can just use the space as an additioal  exposure.

Rental as low as $ 15.00 a month.