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Tea Leaf Readings

Tea Leaf Readings have given many, many people guidance.

It most often shows us the path to living our best lives. It can show if a baby is on the way, or a new love.

The cup usually gives 6-9 months of guidance. At times there may be a hint of things to come in the more distant future.

It is also very helpful when making a major decision ie. a business opportunity, relationship, job etc.

Our Tea Leaf Reader, Geraldine Smyth, learned this amazing technique from her maternal Grandmother who started teaching her how to read tea leaves when she was 6 yrs old, back in Ireland, where Geraldine is from.

She didn't practice it as a teen or young adult but felt called to do it again several years ago. 

The consultation is offered in a private room where you will drink 2 cups of delicious tea, (the favourite is mint chocolate rooibos : )…)

Your questions will be thought of while drinking the tea.

Geraldine will then swirl the contents of the cup and read what remains after she empties out the tea from the cup.

She loves to read the leaves before asking you about your questions. Often times the questions have already been answered but if they haven't, she can check for answers knowing what she is looking for specifically.

She wants to make sure that you get guidance in all directions, that’s why she will read 2 cups rather than just one, as the second cup often gives more detailed insight about your future and the things that are on you mind (blocks, fears and so on).

You will absolutely LOVE and enjoy this ancient process of guidance.

Geraldine will also take notes of all the things that come up so you have a reminder and guidance handy.

She would love to offer this service to you to help you making the most empowering decisions.

Session time: 60 minutes

Session price: $ 65