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Theta Healing® Technique

The Theta Healing® technique is an energy healing modality that  involves working with the highest consciousness. 

We can work on any issue that is concerning you using the various clearing and healing techniques.

The Theta Healing® technique can change negative and limiting beliefs and programs fast and easy into new and positive ones. 

Energy depleting and self sabotaging programs can be released and transformed.

The Theta Healing® technique allows transformation and detoxification on the physical and all energy bodies as well and expands the consciousness on a emotional and spiritual level.

The Theta Healing® technique works on humans, places and the land to clear them of negative energies and attachments. 

With the Theta Healing® technique you will experience a great shift on all levels.

60 minutes        $   189.00 

90 minutes        $   245.00

For more details on this amazing technique please visit our website www.thetahealing-canada.com


Please book your appointment by emailing [email protected] or calling 587-580-5854.

Personal sessions are done in person at our Planet Birth Center in Airdrie, Alberta, over the phone or over Skype.


All individual therapy sessions involve integrated healing on the mental, emotional, energy, and physical level, they do not replace the care or diagnosis of a doctor, but rather increase your inherent self-healing abilities.. The sessions take between 60 - 90 minutes, depending on the issue we work on. The amount of sessions that have to be conducted is depending on the situation and state of development and understanding.