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Your third trimester

1. Be aware of your baby's movement. 

    Your baby is growing and within the third trimester movements will probably change (one more time). Each baby's movement are 

    unique but also beautiful reminders that he/ she is still there. Monitor the waking/ sleeping cycles of your baby and inform your 

    midwife or doctor of any changes.

2. Find out about your second trimester appointments.

   Your midwife or GP will inform you which appointments are necessary and which ones are optional.

3. Avoid unnecessary and excessive ultrasound appointments.

    Even though they are considered save, from an energetic point of view most babies don't like them. It creates a "loud" sound within

    their amniotic sac making them feel like a jet just started beside them. It also creates a lot of energy which will be amplified by the 

    fluid and feel like "heat" to them, making them really uncomfortable. If you have an ultrasound treatment make sure to "clear" your

    baby of this excessive energy energetically!

4. There are some symptoms not to ignore

     Pre-eclampsia is a condition that can happen when the placenta is not working properly. It can happen from week 20 onwards on,

     signs include high-blood pressure and protein in your urine, severe headaches and blurry vision. Check with your midwife or GP.

5. Eat well

    Start taking in iron-rich foods or take a supplement. 

6. Do some stretches

    Now is a good time to prepare for some birthing stretches or visit a pre-natal Yoga class. 

7. Put your baby items together

    This is a perfect job for your partner or birth mate. Setting cots or swings up when you are a new parents can be challenging. Better

    to have everything ready. Plus it increase the joy and releases endorphins.

8. Talk to your baby

     Get used to telling your baby about your day and what you are planning. Kids and babies are very intuitive and can understand

      EVERYTHING. Start including them right away.

9. Learn about the stages of birthing

     If you have not done so, sign up for our HypnoBirthing┬« class. We will discuss the different stages of labour and

    what to expect. We will also train you to give you the most spiritual experience possible.

10. Create a birth plan

      Write down what you want and what you DON'T want happening during your birth (especially when you birth in a hospital). This

       can help you and your birth mate making decisions during the birth.

11. Get to know your surges

      Some women experience "practice surges" also called Braxton Hicks. This is your uterus preparing and practicing for birth. 

      Support those waves through special breathing techniques. Sign up for one of our breathing meditation classes, we show

     you how.

12. Get the essentials for your baby

      Now is the time to buy clothes, diapers, pacifiers and more. Wash clothes with an organic washing powder before you put them on

      your baby. This way, his/ her skin can get used to the "chemicals" on this planet.

13. Pack your birthing bag

      In case you chose a hospital or birthing center for your birth pack your bag. Check with them, what you can bring. Bring some 

      personal items that make you feel at home, like candles, pictures, teddies or a CD player with your favourite relaxation CD.

14. Get some sleep

      Enjoy the time where you can still have some quality sleep. :-) Maybe get a side sleeper pillow or wedge from our

     store to help you get really comfortable.

15. Stock up on household supplies

      Make your life easy and stock up on essentials, so shopping with your little one doesn't become a chore.

16. Install a car seat

      Choosing the right car seat is very important. Also make sure it's installed safely. This is a great job for your partner.

17. Be creative with sex

      It's ok to have sex all the way till your water releases or you start your surges. You might wanna try new ways and positions to stay

      comfortable though.

18. Call in the helpers

      Don't worry about asking friends and family to help you with certain things and daily chores. They love to help you.

19. Check our your place of birthing

      If you are not having a home birth go and visit the place you chose for your birth. Ask for a detailed tour and see what it has to 

      offer. Discuss your birthing plan with the staff to make sure they can accommodate your wishes.

20. Back ache?

       Is your bump giving you a back ache? Come to our center and treat yourself for a Mummy-2-Be-Massage. Also avoid

       lifting heavy things and doing chores that are uncomfortable due to long periods of standing (like ironing).

21. Prepare for your birth

      Make sure you and your partner have all the phone numbers (of your midwife, GP or birthing center) handy. Arrange a nanny for

      your kids or pets. Have your bag packed. That will make sure you can focus on yourself and your birth when the time comes.

22. Read up

       If you haven't done so already, now is the time to read up on newborn care. Sign up for our Mommy Community Cafe. It will help

       you once your angel arrived, where we discuss all different kinds of subjects of newborn care. 

23. Prepare for breastfeeding

      Breastfeeding is one the MOST important gifts you can give to yourself and your baby. For further details pls. go to our page 

      Benefits of Breastfeeding.

24. Help to bring on labour naturally

       Most scientists still don't understand how labour starts. Actually it's your baby choosing the perfect time according to the star

       constellations, energies within the family, karma and much more. You can communicate with your baby to find out the exact 

       time he/ she has chosen. You can support this time through meditation, baby communication, sex, walking, acupuncture and

       Evening Primrose Oil (vaginal insertion).

25. Follow your baby's development

      Find out online how your baby is developing. Maybe download an app to your phone. Talk to your midwife about the changes.

26. Massage your bump

       Apply oils to your tummy at least once a day to allow the skin to stretch easily and avoid any stretch mark trophies. Come to our
     store, we have specifically mixed oils to nourish your skin as well as energetically charged them with positive

27. Bond with your bump
      Your baby can physically hear you from week 20 onwards (so the medical society says) but is energetically connected with you way
       earlier than that. Come to our "Bond with your Bump" classes at the center and see all the wonderful ways of
     "experiencing" your baby energetically, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

28. Join our Baby Birth Club or Mommy Community Cafe
      In our bi-weekly groups you will find a lot of help, tricks and support during your pregnancy and as new mother.