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VitaJuwel® Gemwands

Fascination Gemwater

The use of gems to vitalize water is a traditional art which was already known to the ancient Greek and wise men and women during medieval times. Recently, this old tradition has been  rediscovered. Gemstones have the ability to store energy. That effect makes quartz watches work, for example. Each type of gem, by nature, has its unique kind of energetic information. The gems inside the VitaJuwel vials transfer their information to the water that surrounds the vial and, thus, improve the waters' vitalization level. An effect which regular water drinkers might even be able to taste!

Water - Source of Life!

Imagine regions in the world where people's life expectancy is significantly higher than anywhere else ... where diseases of civilization are totally unknown. What could be the reasons for such a miracle?

We all know that the human body consists mainly of water. Water is the elixir of life, one of our most valuable resources. Nothing impacts our well-being more than the quality of the water we drink. If you had the choice between regular tap water and fresh spring water, what would you choose?

Scientists agree that consuming plenty of pure and healthy water slows down the aging process, assists in weight loss and noticeably increases our quality of life!

Fascination Water

of the Earth's surface is covered with water, with 97% being salt water. Only two to three percent are potable water, and two thirds of it are polluted. The remainder needs to be used by 7 billion people.

of the human body consists of water. Five percent of the water content of the human body is excreted on a daily basis. Therefore, the drinking of healthy water is vital for all our body functions.

Bodily and mental well-being is strictly dependent on the quantity and quality of our drinking water.

Unfortunately, the quality of our water is heavily affected by harmful environmental influences.

Fascination Gemstones


of the Earth's surface consists of sand, rocks and minerals.

Ever since humans can remember, gemstones attract and fascinate. Diamonds, rubies and emeralds are considered valuable around the world. In ancient times, gems were already ascribed healing powers. In her writings, the benedictine abbess Hildegard of Bingen described the effects of gems already 1000 years ago. Today, the analytical crystal healing methods are a significant component of treatment with many holistic therapeutic practitioners. 

Contrary to water quality, the purity of gems is unchanged for billions of years.

A scientific evaluation by the renounced German Institute Hagalis, Überlingen proofs VitaJuwel’s effect on water. Hagalis examined two samples:

A neutral sample with tap water from Überlingen at the Lake Constance and a sample of the same water after being treated with VitaJuwel.

Results of the biological appraisal

  • distinct improvement of tap water quality

  • neutralization of harmful substances

  • improvement of the pH-value and oxygen content

  • increase in bioavailability of minerals

  • raise of energy balance

  • increase of vital powers

  • quality level otherwise only known in natural spring water

  • high biological balance

A summary of the evaluation can be found here....

The advantages

  1. Gemstones don't have to be put directly into the water.

  2. The vial keeps your water safe from possible impurities of contaminated gemstones and from splinters.

  3. No more time-consuming cleansing of the gemstones.

  4. Lifelong pleasure by precious gemstones.

Create your own pure fresh gemstone water

Rediscover one of nature's most valuable secrets with unique VitaJuwel gemstone vials – An ancient way to energize water with the healing power of hand-picked gemstones.

Patented worldwide, designed in Germany, manufactured in the EU using lead-free bohemian glass and fair-traded, conflict-free gemstones.

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The Emoto crystal edotion

We feel honored having found partners in taken by the HadoLife lab, which was co-founded by Masaru Emoto, to support us in our strive to create a sustainable understanding for the global importance of fresh and pure water and its fundamental influence of everybody‘s health.

As a first step of this partnership we asked HadoLife to analyze a selected variety of gemstone vials. 

We soon experienced by watching his early results that the water crystal photographs in combination with our gemstone vials turned out to be true pieces of art. The photos impressively documented the process of water getting “in form” by our vials. 

Based on the results of this process we sat together with our partners and selected three especially unique vials to be introduced to the public. We are proud to invite you to share this very special experience with our exclusively created CrystalEdition by VitaJuwel.


carnelian – halite salt

VitaJuwel strives to raise people’s passion for vital water. The beautiful crystal image taken by the HadoLife lab, which was co-founded by Masaru Emoto, impressively resembles that passion. We blended vibrant Cornelian, “Stone of Life” in Ancient Egypt, with Halite, the “Salt of Kings”. Cornelian plays a leading role in the famed crystal healing tradition of 12th-century abbess Hildegard of Bingen. Like no other stone it symbolizes the joy of living. Open yourself to his exquisite blend and absorb its radiating joy with every passionate sip of gemwater.


noble shungite – clear quartz

"In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision." - Dalai Lama. Jet black Shungite is truly a visionary stone Like diamond, it is a form of elemental carbon. It is mined in the remote Russian region of Karelia, where Czar Peter already made use of Shungite's purifying properties. Discover water completely anew with this gem from another world and its fascinating crystal image, taken by taken by the HadoLife lab, which was co-founded by Masaru Emoto. Share our vision to make gemwater an enlightening experience for everybody.

Golden Moments

rhinegold - halite salt - garnet

In Golden Moments we pause for an instant, reflect the things that truly matter and leave everyday’s worries behind. Those precious moments cannot be weighed in gold. The astonishing beauty of the crystal image taken by taken by the HadoLife lab, which was co-founded by Masaru Emoto, left us deeply moved. It‘s crystalline silhouette reflects its unique ingredients: hand-mined gold from the river Rhine in Germany, exotic Halite Salt  (the “Salt of Kings”) and a piece of fiery, blazing Garnet. We'd like to excite you to enjoy more Golden Moments!



Golden Moments